Machine Learning – Face Detection API

ML Face Detection API

When it comes to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), whether they are called  โ€œa set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software application or web toolโ€ or โ€œa set to provide a way to connect computer software components togetherโ€, they are a crucial part of the app itself. Overall, the APIs enable the data to be transferred across different applications and the internet. This is the case with Face Detection API as well. They are the binder that maintains digital transformation and innovation, and their progress forward. 

ML Face Detection

After looking into the Text Recognition API in one of our previous posts, this blog is dedicated to the next in line ML Kit API, i.e. Face detection. With this API embedded in your iOS mobile application, you will be able to detect faces in pictures. Also, it detect key facial features and even get the contours of the detected face. However, bear in mind that although this API detects faces it does not recognise people. 

Nowadays, different business fields and marketing strategies often are using recognition APIs . Also, facial analysis has become an essential part of all cybersecurity systems. This API is part of the ML Kit,. This additionally confirms the fact that most of the face detection APIs are ML-powered and used to execute the tasks.

Features of Face Detection API

Although there is a variety of Face detection APIs and software, there are several features that are repeating. Most often those features are: 

  • Face detection;
  • Recognition and location of face features;
  • Eye (left, right) positioning;
  • Nose positioning;
  • Mouth positioning;
  • Recognition of facial expressions (smiling, or eyes closed);
  • Hair, skin, eye colour;
  • Gender classification.

Not all, but most of these features are available in any of the Face detection APIs you are looking into and thinking about whether you should embed it in your next app. Finally, have in mind that the principal use of Face recognition is security. Lastly, Face detection is one of the most precise and easy ways to establish one’s identity across different sectors. With this in mind, this API is a must if you want to provide a secure app for your customers.

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