Best Apps for Startups

UX Builder App

In this post, we are going to look at 15 Best apps for startups. Currently, technology has become the next big thing in businesses, institutions, firms, organization and even in farming. The main issue now becomes how to manage the technology used or how to target more customers from a business perspective.

This is where we turn our focus on the mobile market. Nowadays, smartphones like iPhone have become a necessity for everyone. This has led to a high rise of IOS mobile app businesses in the world.

Developing an IOS app can be quite costly and time consuming if you decide to go the native way. Where you need to create an application by writing every single line of code.

What is the easiest way to develop an iOS app?

Fortunately, we have IOS app builders available today which enable you to build applications without writing any code. One of such builders is the UX App Builder.

Presenting you with a WYSIWYG โ€œWhat You See Is What You Getโ€ feature, UX App Builder will give you the ability to create applications by just drag and dropping elements and editing items.

Lets look at some of these startup applications that you will be able to create using UX App Builder.

1. To-Do tasks IOS App

When you wake up in the morning, you always have a list of tasks in mind that you wish to do on that particular day. But how many if these tasks do you really end up completing?

With a To-Do Tasks manager IOS application, you will be able to manage all your tasks and even allocate time when each tasks needs to be performed.

UX App Builder will present you with reliable features and templates that will help you develop an amazing application. This app can be for personal use or even for a business or an organization. They can use it to manage tasks carried by the staff.

By using UX App Builder, you will also save yourself from the tiresome of uploading your app to App Store.

2. A Guide Application

Do you have content that you feel you should share with people ?

This can be anything from E-books, blogs to latest news. It will depend on the niche you are interested in.

For example, if you are fascinated about cooking, with UX App Builder, you will be able to develop an application where you can posts recipes and guides on some of your best foods.

The goodness with such application is that you can monetize them. You can sign up for ads from google or any other platform. Some of these recipes can also be put as a premium service where customers will have to pay some amount to access the content.

These are just but a few of the features you will be able to integrate using UX App Builder.

3. A Pictures app for your business

Like the saying goes, a picture is worth more a thousand words. If you have a business whose most of services are design oriented, you can think of having an IOS application.

A business like T-shirt branding, Paints, Light Bulbs, House furniture, bedding and more, is considered as design oriented. Most people will purchase this products depending on how attractive they look.

With UX App Builder, you will be able to develop an IOS application which you will showcase your product pictures.

This app can be shared with your clients and they can stay up-to-date with your latest products. Such an application also acts as a form of advertisement. When clients show the products images to their friends, they will be creating a wider pool of customers for your business.

4. A farming app for a farmer

As a farmer, you really have a lot to manage. You have to monitor what takes place in the garden and also animals.

In terms of planting, you have different products and machinery that you need. When it comes to harvesting, there are also resources that are needed. With animals, the work is even doubled. They have to be fed, checked by the veterinary, and provided housing services.

This is a lot of work and so many things can go wrong if not closely monitored. With a farmer IOS application, one can get to manage tasks carried out in the farm, farm machinery, animal feeds, veterinary services, and even produce storage.

UX App Builder will enable one to develop a reliable application that will manage this tasks. There are templates that you can use for a start.

5. A Car Wash Application

It not once when you hear a friend complaining of how they had to go round every corner in the city just to find a car wash place.

Solve their disappointments by developing a Car Wash application without writing a single line of code using UX App Builder. In this app, you can have various car wash partners register and their locations will be displayed to the user.

This is one of the latest applications that have saved drivers a lot of time and fuel money.