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With the evolving trends in the business market, technology is turning out to be a key component for the success of any firm or organization.

There are many ways in which business can integrate technology into its operations to achieve the primary goal. It can start from something complex like data mining to developing a simple IOS app for an organization.

Why is important to have an iOS app?

Having an IOS app for an organization is not just a thing for big companies and online shops like Amazon or YouTube. This goes down even to a startup online shop or coffee cafeterias. Having a mobile application for your business has both impact on the day to day operations of your organization and on the target consumers of goods and services.

One of the big problems that organization face when thinking of having an application for their business is the cost of hiring an IOS mobile app developer. Depending with the application you need, the cost will vary. However, the returns of having an IOS app for an organization are far much better than the investment cost on developing the app.

But the big question is, do you really need to develop an IOS application manually from scratch writing every single line of code?

The answer is NO!

Let’s take an example of a website. If you decide to develop an amazing and responsive website from scratch, then you will need to learn at least four web development languages. Why take the long route yet you can develop the same website using website-builders in a matter of minutes. The same goes to IOS applications.

What is it that you need to develop and iOS app?

To develop an IOS app for an organization, you first need tools and resource provided by Apple. Then you will need to learn a computer programming language that you wish to use. This can be Java, Objective C or Kotlin. For a business, this is quite more expensive while the aim of every organization is to offer services and get profit.

That’s why this post recommends the use of IOS Mobile app builders.

IOS Mobile App Builders are platforms that enable users develop application for their organization, business or personal use, without writing a single line of code.

Mobile app builders

There are a number of mobile app builders available in the market today. A challenging factor to many organizations is that, most of these IOS App Builders tend to offer similar services just packaged differently.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Taking a deeper look at the underlying technology in these platforms, each one has something different to offer.

In this particular post, we will look at one of the best IOS app builder we have in the market today and how you can use it to develop IOS app for an organization. The UX App Builder.

UX App Builder

With UX App Builder you can develop reliable applications for your company or organization without writing a single line of code. It presents you with a WYSIWYG “What You See Is What You Get” platform that gives you the ability to create apps by drag and dropping items, and editing elements.

The type and design of applications you would wish to develop is only limited by your imagination.

Here are just but a few of the apps that you will be able to develop with UX App Builder.

1. An Employees App

Every organization has a certain number of employees. This number is dependent on the size of the organization and the kind of services it offers.

To have order in any organization, it would be good for every employee to know which duties they have been assigned to. With UX App Builder, you will be able to create an employee application to handle such issues.

In the app, you can have a section that will show which task everyone is assigned to. UX App Builder will also add features like push notifications that will alert employees what they have to work on a particular day or time.

You can even have a platform where employees can communicate to aech other. Something like a chat room. Here they can share ideas and even assist one another carrying out tasks.

You can add unlimited features on this IOS application.

2. Social Connect Application

Assuming your organization has a number of social media accounts and you would wish to have a single platform where all of them can be accessed.

With UX App Builder, you will be able to create an application where you can link your desired accounts. You will even be able to add features that will enable one reply to Facebook posts or tweets from the app.

This does not necessarily have to be a standalone application. You can add this as a feature in the main app.

3. A Salary or Funds Management app

A firm or organization with a lot of employees needs to have a an application that manages salaries or funds. With amazing features being added daily to the UX App Builder, you can develop a reliable application.

In terms of salary, staff members will have a feature where they can login and view their salary. They can also view all their past salaries and any allowances.

About funds management, you will find that most organizations allocate a certain amount of money for certain tasks to be performed. Using available features and templates in the UX App Builder, you will be able to create an app where such vital information is updated.

4. Remote System Access Application

Nowadays, most organizations are ran by Management Information Systems (MIS). These systems carry details about the services offered by the firm and managing their day to day activities.

Unfortunately, these systems run on personal computers which you might not be able to carry around. You can develop an appliaction that can manage work concurrently with the system and manage some of the features.

With UX App Builder updated features and templates, you will be able to develop an application to do search tasks.

5. A Clients’ Application

I saved the best for the last.

Imagine how a client would feel to have an app for an organization. It gives them a feeling of care and trust with the firm.

This application can contain an unlimited number of features. With the up-to-date features being introduced in the UX App Builder, what you create will only be limited by your imagination.

You will be able to add a display section where clients can view your products. A post section would also be useful if you wish to pass information through blogs. Clients will also be able to receive push notifications an alerts through the app.

With UX App Builder, you will be able to develop an interactive application for you clients.

These are just but a few applications that you will be able to develop with UX App Builder. The list is endless.

Sign up to day at UX App and get started.