Mobile Apps In The Music Industry

Music has never been as easy to access as it is now. With the growth of mobile technology and mobile apps development, many of the industries had no choice but to broaden their presence in the technology world. However, for the music industry, this was just another extensive and maybe even easier approach to reach their audience. 

The history of music mobile apps

Since its launch in 2008, iPhone and iPad apps are continuing their growth. With more than 2 million apps in the App Store, there is a technological expansion that makes apps part of well-established consumer culture. Today, there is rarely a person that doesnโ€™t use ios mobile apps on some of their devices. 

With their development through the years, mobile music apps covered all aspects of commerce. Music mobile apps also influenced the delivery and consumption methods. A lot of music apps changed the perception and made the idea of buying and streaming music online as comfortable as it was in a store. Furthermore, a lot of apps that are created and delivered directly from the artist to the consumer are becoming more attractive. This makes it easier for the artist to reach their target audience and fans, and promote their newest work.   

Source: Cubasis,  2022

Another benefit for the music industry, with the creation of music mobile apps, is the facilitated way to compose music. There are ios mobile apps that provide all the necessary elements to record, edit, mix, and even export creations. Cubasis, along with GarageBand and Auria are some of the music apps that offer the possibility to create from scratch and deliver the final product. 

Create your own music app

However, for those artists that already have songs, and still donโ€™t have their own music app to share their work with their fans, UX Builder offers the possibility to create an ios mobile app without much effort. UX-builder has proven to be the perfect answer for anyone who is planning to expand their reach. No matter which music niche you are a part of, building an iOS mobile app with our amazing app builder can bring about countless benefits for you.

Source: UX Builder,, 2022

With the mobile app by UX Builder, you will allow your fans to be informed and follow you everywhere by: 

  • Uploading your favorite songs.
  • Informing about upcoming events.
  • Scheduling your time / tour.
  • Linking your social media.
  • Rating your music.
  • Streaming Radio option.