Why have an IOS app for my business?

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With the evolving trends in the business world, technology has taken quite a bigger part part. This post is going to look at 10 reasons why have an IOS app for your business?

When investing in anything, you must have a valid reason as to why you are doing so. One doesnโ€™t just jump blindly into making a decision that might have a huge impact on the business resources or returns. You need to do a comprehensive research and come up up with a reasonable conclusion. Here are three occurrences that might happen if you invest in something without doing adequate research on it.

  • Loss of investment resources
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business collapse

If you are reading this article, you probably have an idea of developing an IOS application for your business. Here are 10 reasons why you should have an IOS application for your business.

  1. Target New Audience.

According to a report by Statista, there are over 1 Billion iPhone sold since the release of the first IOS phone in 2007. Among the countries that account for the highest usage of iPhone include United States, Europe, Japan and China. India and Vietnam are among the countries which have a rapidly growing number of iPhone users.

There is a very high possibility that your business has prospects in these regions. With the number iPhone users rapidly growing as well, it would be a nice decision to have an IOS app for your business. You don’t need to risk losing these prospects to your business competitors.

Here is one of the recommended IOS Mobile App Builders that can get you started. Develop an IOS app for your business without writing a single line of code.

1. Improve Customer Engagement

According to psychology, keeping your customer engaged with any developments about your business will definitely make that customer feel attached to your business. Is there any way better of achieving this other than having an IOS app for your business?

Having your business application in your customers phone will always draw them back to you whenever they start feeling like drifting away. This is also a channel of getting more clients for your business. With the app in a customers phone, it also acts as a medium of advertisement.

Having a mobile application for your business is also a convenient way of creating a communication channel between you and your customers. You can add chat functionalities in it enabling customers to communicate to you at anytime without necessarily sending emails or coming to you physically.

2. Generating More Revenue

In the forth quarter of year 2019, Apple IOS app store users spent at least $11.5 billion to acquire different applications. By doing a simple calculation, this is 95% more profit than the profit generated by Google Play Store which has more applications than app store.

Unless you are running an NGO (Non-governmental organization) or NPO (Non-profit organization), then you definitely need to generate more revenue for your business. Developing an IOS application is one of the ways you can use to grow your revenue.

Statistics show that iPhone users spend more money to get app store services than android users. This is probably due to the amazing iPhone support service that ensures refund for any flagged applications after purchase.

This means you can make more profit by just deploying an application to play store than the money you will invest in developing an IOS app for your business.

3. Enhanced Online Security

Most online businesses and enterprises face regular Cyber threats like hacking. With the use of an IOS application, users are protected against such threats. This creates a trustworthy platform for customers to do business with you. They have assurance that their money is in safe hands.

Be it data theft or data duplication, businesses can get rid of these data breach issues with the high-end security features integrated with these IOS apps. Use of reliable encryption and decryption algorithm is one of the most enhanced security features implementable in an IOS app.

An IOS app is also highly secured for in-app purchases and any application based transactions.

4. Push Notifications and Alerts

With the evolving advancements and trends in technology, developers can now link applications to other applications using Application Program Interface (API s). This enables your application to communicate with other apps and also pop alerts using this applications.

For example, one can integrate an IOS application to send notifications to a customer via an sms or text messages. This will highly solve the issue of clients having to connect to the internet to receive notifications. Any updates or important information concerning your business will reach them at the comfort of their home or office.

As a business manager, you aim to have important notifications and advertisements reach your customers before your biggest competitor notifies them first.

Take an example of two companies, A and B. Each of them offering computer anti-virus products. When a virus like Ransomware first hit the tech market, the first company to notify its users that they have updated their products to protect users against such, will really impress the client. They will feel that this company cares more about their needs.

With an IOS application, you can have push notifications that will alert clients of any developments from your business.

5. A Form of Advertisement and Marketing

Now, developing an IOS app for your business or enterprise is not only about making more money from the services offered but also a form of advertisement and thus marketing costs are highly reduced.

Most company managers might argues that its quite expensive to hire an IOS developer, but from my opinion, the end product is a reliable way of getting more customers and clients for your services.

Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to hire an IOS developer to code your application from scratch, you can make use of the IOS Mobile App Builders available today. Develop a reliable IOS application for your company without writing a single line of code.

Integrating ads from companies like Facebook and Google, use of bulk sms services, and any digital marketing form you know, would generate more revenue for your business even than push notifications.

6. Integration With Other Business Platforms

Assuming your business or organization has an IOS application, a website, blog, and several social media accounts, the most accessible of all is the app on the phone.

If you have posted any content on the website which you feel is important for your customers, you can link that website with the application. You can have a tab like, View in website, which will automatically redirect your clients to your business website.

You can also let users comment and reply to your Facebook posts through the application. This will become an easy way for clients to access all your services from one simple platform.

7. A Payment Platform

Does your business have clients and prospects from other countries? Do you have to keep redirecting them to PayPal, Skrill or any other platform to pay for goods or services? Have these features integrated in your application.

Reports show that website which redirect users too much end up generating the lowest traffic. This is because visitor get tired navigating through the many pages displayed on the screen.

With use of Application Program Interface, (API s), you can integrate your application with different payment methods such that users can just pay for their services without being redirected to other platforms.

This is one way to increase your customers since your business services are efficient.

8. Effective Produce Launches

Definitely, every business aims to rise more in the market than its immediate competitors. This involves launching new goods and services or even innovating the existing services.

To get market attention required, you need an effective form of advertisement that will reach all your target customers. One of this ways is using a mobile app.

You don’t have to meet your customers one by one or spending to much resources on post ads and video ads. Make your customers feel at home and appreciated always. That little attention you give them by just sending a notification matters a lot in the business world.

At the end of the day, your business market grows rapidly without you having to worry whether your clients will be impressed by your new product or not. The app does everything for you.

9. Building Trust and Relationships

Mobile devices provide such a close connection between a businesses or organization and its consumers.

Having your business go mobile gives customers a chance to download the application and literally have it wherever they go. Any notification or product launches you need to do can be achieved through the mobile app. By enhancing your enterprise with an iPhone application, you differentiate yourself from your immediate competitors while offering another outlet to communicate with your customers.

One more thing to note is that iPhone users will place the same trust they have on Apple products on your application. This doesn’t mean you can develop an app without reliable features and expect users to have trust in it.

You also need to put a little bit more effort on the development side.