Enter 2022 with a new fitness app!

With nowadays lifestyle, more and more people are becoming aware about their body shape and health. With this in mind, the popularity of fitness mobile apps is continuously growing though the past five years. 

Do you have one on your mobile? If yes, we are not surprised! But what is the easiest way to create one? And let’s assume that you are not a programmer and familiar with coding pages!

UX Builder is here to help you build your powerful new fitness mobile iOS app for your fitness club,  providing you with the possibility to include:

  • 24/7 training instructors.
  •  Video workouts.
  •  Plan your activity.
  •  View your achievements.
  •  Manage your time for workout.
  •  Subscribe to a course
  •  Gym membership option.
  •  Calorie loss calculator.
UX Builder mobile app

Types of Fitness Apps

Before you start Building your app, you need to decide what kind of fitness mobile app will provide your users what they are looking for. Whether they need a result tracker, socializing app, motivation to keep going with their exercise, or even to get education on the topic of staying healthy. 

Based on the performance features of the fitness apps, they can be divided in three categories: 

1 Activity Tracking App

Activity apps are created to help you get motivated and do more exercise, both outdoor and indoors. They are designed with a clear and easy to use interface, providing up to date basic information about your current fitness level, and enables you to set your goals. In addition, this kind of app provides you with clear data about steps taken, hours slept, distance runned, and last but not least, calories burned. 

According to Digital Trends, one of the best activity tracking fitness apps for your iPhone is Argus.

Activity and calories checking fitness mobile app

2 Diet and Nutrition App

The proper tracking of nutrition intake has many benefits such as increasing energy, avoiding mood changes, losing weight, and providing help in the process of managing food intolerance. Most of the diet and nutrition apps offer the possibility to set personal goals, create meals and grocery lists, collect recipes and control water balance on a daily basis.

One of the best examples for successful diet and nutrition fitness apps is MyFitnessPal. You are at a loss if you still havenโ€™t tried it.   

My fitness pal mobile app

3 Workout and Exercise App

Everyone wants a personal trainer available 24/7. With the workout and exercise apps you can have your trainer everywhere and exercise whenever you want. These types of apps offer the variety to choose the intensity of the training, the option to select which part of the body one wants to train, the length of time (pause, skip exercise), and even share the finished training with friends on social media. 

Our winner in this category is Fitness Buddy: Train At Home

Workout and exercise fitness mobile app