Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! – Part 1

Best iOS Apps for 2021

And here it is… The end of 2021 is right around the corner and you received a new iPhone as a gift. Just kidding, this post can be useful even on your existing (read older 🙂 ) iPhone. Now, lets do the countdown of the best iOS apps for 2021 that you can find in the App Store, in the pool of over 2 million titles, that will serve you best. 

Just think of a potential use of your iPhone, and I am sure that you can find an existing app about that. However, with the number of apps in the store, you can use precious time if you are not sure what is the exact thing that you are looking for. Don’t waste your time, let us help you. 

Here are our suggestions, depending on several categories. Let’s start with communication, and let’s be honest here, all of us have either Facebook Messenger, Viber, Gmail, Outlook or Skype on our phones. But when it comes to education and information, besides Wikipedia which is an all time favorite, our top 3 apps are:

  • The ASL app – free iPhone app, specifically made for learning American Sign Language. It has videos that help you learn the alphabet, how to sign words and some phrases.
  • Duolingo – you want to learn new languages? We present you Duolingo, easily the best language learning app as far as free apps go. 
Duolingo iOS apps
  • Flipboard – it curates content from social networking sites and web partners based on your interests. Afterwards, it creates stunning magazine-like digital pages. 

Next category is entertainment, and you are guessing right! Netflix and Spotify at the top of the list. They are followed by Hulu, TuneIn Radio and Vimeo, the grownup’s version of YouTube. You can always use UX Builder if you want to build your own iOS mobile app and bring your music closer to your fans.  

When it comes to finances, Groupon is here for all of you who cannot resist a good deal, Venmo enables you to send money without writing a check, and If you are interested in cryptocurrency, CryptoPrices is where you can check current rates and even create digital wallets.

CryptoPrices iOS apps for 2021!

Food and travel, my personal favorite! The competition is big here, but my list of suggestions is the following:

  • Airbnb – if you still haven’t used it, I think it is time. Book your stay, chat directly with your host and get exact directions. And if you are the host, you can manage your calendar and promote your properties. It is a win-win however you see it. 
  • Google Maps – with maybe the most up-to-date geographic information you can find your way. This helps you whether you are with a car, by foot or with public transportation.  
  • OpenTable – enables you to book your dinner reservations without picking up the phone and even pay with it. 

In case you need and want to create a user friendly Restaurant and Delivery app, UX Builder offers you this possibility. 

Restaurant and delivery iOS apps for 2021!

We will continue with the countdown of the best iOS apps for 2021 in the next blog…. Stay tuned !