Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! – Part 2

best iOS apps for 2021

Let’s finish what we started last year… and I mean this literally. Let’s continue with the second and final part of the Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! In the previous blog we covered communication, education and information, entertainment, finances and food and travel apps that you should focus on when selecting one for your iPhone.

Health and fitness

Now, let me guide you through several other categories, so that we can finish what we started. I am sure that you will thank me later for saving you time. In health and fitness, which is the most popular category not only in 2021 but in the last two or three years, new applications are constantly being developed. However, my personal favorite and mostly downloaded apps are:

  • Strava – top favourite of runners and cyclists who love to compete, both with himself and/or with strangers;
  • Adidas Running App by Runtastic – don’t let the name fool you. This app is for all of you who love to track your activity while cycling, hiking, skiing, kayaking or walking.
Countdown to the best iOS apps for 2021!
  • MyFitnessPal – my all time favorite, both calories counter and exercise tracker for your iPhone.

UX Builder offers you the possibility to create a powerful app for your fitness club. You have this option if you are a business or individual who wants to create an app. UX Builder is offering 24/7 training instructors, video workouts, gym membership option, as well as calorie loss calculator.


As each and every person is different, lifestyle and hobbies are different as well. In the countdown of the best iOS Apps for 2021, the top, mostly used apps in this category are Dubsmash, Kickstarter and LibriVox. Now, in order to increase your productivity, always have one of these apps on your mobile:

  • Asana – both shows your tasks and notifies about status changes, and enables you to create new tasks, projects and boards;
  • Dropbox – lets you store files on cloud and ensures access from your office, home or even on the go;
  • Microsoft Office Mobile – I am sure that editing documents on your smartphone is not your favorite thing to do, but with this app you can finish these tasks as smoothly as possible.
Countdown to the best iOS apps for 2021!

Social networking

When it comes to connecting with family, friends and peers through the social media platforms, there are a variety of social networking apps that you can select to use. Facebook is currently the number one used social media app with around 2.74 billion active users, followed by Instagram, and TikTok which is the most downloaded app in the world in 2021 with over 656 million downloads. However, if you are more interested in matching apps, you should use Match and/or Tinder. 


And finally, since you should always secure your information and mobile, here are top three suggestions for security apps which are a must on your phone:

  • Avira Mobile Security – which is the most capable free antivirus app on the market;
  • Dashlane – puts your login credentials at your fingertips, and literally if you are using iPhone with TouchID;
  • Signal – if you want to send secure messages, this is the way to do it.