Mobile Apps In The Music Industry

Music has never been as easy to access as it is now. With the growth of mobile technology and mobile apps development, many of the industries had no choice but to broaden their presence in the technology world. Read More
how to build a mobile app without coding?

How to Build a Mobile App without Coding?

In this contemporary and tech-savvy world that we are living in, all of us are trying to ease their life by using applications. And we are using them because they make our life at least ten times easier. We have apps for communication, training, work, entertainment, shopping…whatever you can think of, there is probably an app developed that can help you. Read More
best iOS apps for 2021

Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! – Part 2

Let’s finish what we started last year… and I mean this literally. Let’s continue with the second and final part of the Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! In the previous blog we covered communication, education and information, entertainment, finances and food and travel apps that you should focus on when selecting one.. Read More Read More
Best iOS Apps for 2021

Countdown of the Best iOS Apps for 2021! – Part 1

And here it is… The end of 2021 is right around the corner and you received a new iPhone as a gift. Just kidding, this post can be useful even on your existing (read older 🙂 ) iPhone. Now, lets do the countdown of the best iOS apps for 2021 that you can find in.. Read More Read More

Enter 2022 with a new fitness app!

With nowadays lifestyle, more and more people are becoming aware about their body shape and health. With this in mind, the popularity of fitness mobile apps is continuously growing though the past five years.  Do you have one on your mobile? If yes, we are not surprised! But what is the easiest way to create.. Read More Read More
Creative Builder

Creative Builder App

Creative builder app is a whiteboard for you to draw and be creative. You can also draw on top of photos and then save them to your gallery. Utility to build sketches, wireframes, drawings or simply use it as a whiteboard to show something to your friends. You can select colors from the list of.. Read More Read More

Machine learning and AI in modern web platforms

Today, various types of machine learning and AI technologies are used, and we may have become so accustomed to them that we hardly notice them. For example, apps that recognize objects or your face and adjust the interface to that object. Agriculture, medicine, banking and various other industries use artificial intelligence. As the speed of.. Read More Read More
Comparing App Builders Prices

WYSIWYG IOS app builder

Do you want to be an IOS developer but don’t know how to code? Don’t worry; there are some Drag and Drop WYSIWYG IOS app builders available for you. Here are some of the best IOS app builders for your business You don’t require any technical skills to develop an IOS application. Using these “What.. Read More Read More
Business Meeting

Why have an IOS app for my business?

With the evolving trends in the business world, technology has taken quite a bigger part part. This post is going to look at 10 reasons why you should have an IOS app for your business. When investing in anything, you must have a valid reason as to why you are doing so. One doesn’t just.. Read More Read More
RealTime Changes

Real-time updates and instant changes for IOS apps

Developing an IOS application has never been that easy especially if you decide to write every single line of code. Unlike Android applications which can be developed on a number of platforms, IOS apps are dependent on tools and resources only provided by Apple. For IOS mobile app developers, there are two ways in which.. Read More Read More
Comparing App Builders Prices

Pricing comparison between app builders

Nowadays, building an IOS application has become an easy tasks with the availability of various app builders in the market. Most of these app builders tend to offer similar services and features just packaged a little differently. However, when you take a deeper look on the underlying technology, you will realize this is not the.. Read More Read More
Business woman smiling

IOS apps for an organization

With the evolving trends in the business market, technology is turning out to be a key component for the success of any firm or organization. There are many ways in which business can integrate technology into its operations to achieve the primary goal. It can start from something complex like data mining to developing a.. Read More Read More